DT Lux

—The wallet of the Secret Service

A simple piece of leather that embraces banknotes, secured with an elastic band. It is the ultimate wallet presented to us by Jan (left) and Alejandro (right), the double 00 agents.
The CV of Jan Alessie (Rome, 1977) and Alejandro Rodiles (Malaga, 1980) could start with the barrel of a gun pointing at them while they, dressed in a tuxedo, dodge the shot. And no, they have nothing to do with James Bond, but the universe of the most famous secret agent inspired them to create what today is the apple of their eye: the double 00 wallet.
“Everyone has a wallet but few people are happy with it,” explains the Italian. Jan found the perfect wallet in a small shop in his native country and bought one for each one his closest friends. The same group that together traveled the world. Their common fetish was used, renewed and was given as a special gift … but unfortunately for the boys the store closed, leaving their savings without a home. Jan and Alejandro had it clear and designed a worthy successor.

—This is a Double 00

The wallet is named after the fellow travelers, six of these and numbered 001, 002, … it inherits the silhouette of where in the old times tobacco was kept, with a piece of leather tied with a rubber band. It might seem that it did not hide much mystery, but it comes with an instruction manual. Plus, Alejandro, a specialist in selling combs to bald men, declaims his convincing speech in pop-up stores. “When you open the wallet you find an elastic where you can fit twelve or thirteen cards. No coins are allowed in order not to create a bulge and it can fit even in the jacket pocket. It’s very masculine,” says Alejandro, who recognizes that he gets excited every time he sees someone with the wallet with the elastic.
Although simple, the wallet has gone through many updates. This duo knew more about Ubrique by Jesulin than its leather, but knowing their limitations they made sure to learn every detail in order to launch a product without a glitch. For example they just improved the elastics so they do not yield with use.
They wallets also travel, each representing a different city. Mykonos is blue, Cape Town green, Bordeaux, is bordeaux… and as usual guests of the fashion capitals of the world, they are impregated with their trends. Currently they are testing new colors, all hand painted and textures.
The professional couple have momentarily ruled out to expand its line with leather, and they are not bothered by it. In the past Mercado de Motores, a monthly craft fair held each month in Madrid, they sold almost a hundred in a couple of days. And now that you know them … are you going to be 007 agent?

Text: Maria Segade