About us

— Our dream

double 00 is the dream of two entrepreneurs, Jan Alessie and Alejandro Rodiles, whose aim is to create an innovative wallet of modern, slim and elegant design.

The design of the double 00 wallet is inspired in a wallet that caught Jan’s eye in a small street shop in Rome 10 years ago. The wallet became a hit amongst friends and when a few years later the shop closed, Jan and Alejandro decided to redesign it, upgrade it with the best materials and make a small production for family and friends. The initial production of 200 wallets was sold within weeks and soon requests from outside of Spain and beyond their circle of friends poured in, uncovering the potential of this stylish and practical wallet.

The name double 00 is inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming. In them he wrote about 00 agents, Britain’s secret service elite, the most famous of them being 007, ‘aka’ James Bond, a character representing the style and elegance of the double 00 wallet.

Why a Double 00?

— The best choice

Light – The double 00 wallet is one of the lightest wallets in the market. We have replaced the layers of leather between cards with an elastic system that holds them.

Practical – Forget coins in your wallet, they stretch and damage the leather. Be practical and take only what you truly need: banknotes, documentation and cards.

Great Design – The beauty of this wallet lies in its simplicity. Its sleek and innovative design is distinctly eye-catching and will stir interest in your circle of friends.

Quality – double 00 is a 100% Spanish product, handmade with a selection of top quality leather. Made in Ubrique (province of Cádiz) in a traditional leather workshop where they continue with production techniques transmitted across generations.

Made in Spain

— Ubrique

In the remote highlands of Cádiz, deep in the South of Spain, lies the mountain village of Ubrique, heir to twenty centuries of artisan culture and the place where double 00 produces its wallets.Close to Ubrique, Roman legions founded the City of Ocuri and practised the arts of working leather. In the Middle Ages, Arabs and Berber tribesmen mastered these arts giving Ubrique what is now one of the most renowned artisan traditions of our times.