—Perfection and product quality

Founded just two years ago, the leather wallets of double 00 have already carved a niche in the market for its excellent finishing and originality. Its young founders are clear that one of the main elements for success is the quality of the finished product. “During our first year, most of the time was dedicated to perfecting the product and to have control over a production process that is difficult to master. We depend on the fact that the double 00 is captivating enough to have an impact in the fashion market of small leather goods. Perfection does not exist, but in our case we do not stop to search it”. We are showcasing that a wallet, which is a simple and old item can have its own evolution. We have analysed the tastes and preferences of users to adapt the product characteristics to those needs. “Lightness, functionality, quality or style are some of the pillars on which we rely to create the double 00 wallet”

When many companies sought to cut costs by manufacturing in other countries, they decided on domestic production. double 00 seeks to pursue a strategy focused on quality, diversity of colors and an exclusivity that distinguishes them. After excluding China and Morocco, they finally opted for Ubrique. “We are in the capital of artisanal leatherwork in Europe, where all major brands manufacture their goods. For us it was not the cheapest option, but the most professional. As entrepreneurs, we are proud to offer a high quality product at a very competitive price with an innovative design”.

For their commercial expansion they have chosen to trade online, collaborating with fashion designers and influencers and participating in the most important national PopUp markets and concept stores, something that gives them a good showcase for the brand and enables them to meet many potential customers in the fashion industry. Although they are already present in countries like Brazil or Colombia, its key goal is to have presence in major European capitals.

Text: Benito Garrido
Photo: Jacobo Medrano